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Types Of Steroid Cycles

Anabolic cycles vary from user to user, based upon goals, experience, and knowledge, and availability of desired compounds. The reason we don’t commonly see “THE” perfect cycle described for users is that each of these goals (and availabilities) calls for a different steroid cycle – in terms of compounds used, duration of cycle, and amount of steroids used. Let’s look at a few of the differing types of anabolic steroids cycles, and the various factors seen with each.

The doctor route

If you have access to a physician willing to prescribe a moderate dose of testosterone (150 to 250 mg per week) for life, then you will be the envy of every other bodybuilder in the gym. You’re not going to hit 260 pounds cycling in this manner, but you’re always going to have a steady, safe release of testosterone into the bloodstream, and you’re never going to risk jail time for doing so. Work with your physician and never abuse the supplementation testosterone, and you’ll be in great shape for decades to come!

Off-season bulking

Fourteen weeks of eating and shooting testosterone, followed by 10 to 12 weeks of leaner eating, cardio, and zero anabolics save for a quick tapering cycles, best describe the practices of the off-season bulker.


This is the phase in which many bodybuilders live. They don’t want to get too lean, but they sure don’t want to appear bloated either. So, they’ll use just enough injectable testosterone to be able to add 5 or 6 pounds of muscle per year, while floating right around 10 percent body fat. If your goal is to never step onstage and do nothing but look good year round (the goal of 99% of people in the gym), then cruising is right for you! A moderate cycle of 10 weeks on, 10 weeks off is best for you.

Mutt cycle

If you’re one of those bodybuilders who doesn’t have access to many steroids – but you will try anything you can get your hands upon – then you, my friend, are a steroid mutt! It’s nothing to be ashamed of, as many of the top bodybuilders in the sport started the exact same way! Your cycles should be testosterone based, but will likely be whatever you can get from friends or gym-mates. Stick with moderate to strong anabolic steroids cycles, 12 week on, 12 weeks off, and remember you don’t have to use every steroid every time!

Sugar Daddy Cycling

This nature of cycling appeals to the bodybuilders who have access to all the money, doctors, medicine, and resources they want. Top bodybuilders of the professional ranks fall into this category, and they often grow in excess of 250 to 300 pounds as a result. Advanced steroid compounds such as growth hormone, IGF-1 and insulin aren’t as readily available to run of the mill bodybuilders, but these drugs are within reach of those with financial and medical connections. Those subscribing to these cycles will load heavy, then bridge to smaller off-cycles, but very often never stop using steroids completely. Their anabolic steroids cycles seem to last forever.

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The clinical usefulness of anabolic steroids in reversing the catabolic state of patients, such as those with severe burns or wasting diseases has not been realized on the basis of the conclusions of previous reports. As a result, many anabolic steroids developed in the last century have been withdrawn as licensed products in numerous countries world-wide and their uses are limited to the treatment of specific diseases.

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